Office: C5B-160
Researcher of the Global Ecology Unit in CREAF-CEAB, full time. Present research area: climate change, mediterranean ecosystems, ecophysiology, and water relations. Languages: catalan, spanish, english, and romanian.
Publications: 38 papers SCI journals, 13 of them as first author; and 19 publications in other journals or book chapters, 5 of them as first author. Teaching experience: Associate professor in Ecology, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (2009-2010, 135 hours), 1 master thesis supervision (2009) and 1 PhD supervision (in course).
Other achievements: Reviewer in some papers of 8 SCI journals, tribunal member of 5 master and 2 PhD, some of the developed projects were broadcasted in TV (TV3, Canal33 and La2), concesion of Técnico de Apoyo Grant (MCI, 2008) and first substitute place of a JAE grant (CSIC, 2008).


Climate change, Ecophysiology, Water relations