Office: C5/1066

I am a biologist from the National University of Asunción (Paraguay) and I have a master's degree in Natural Resources from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina). I have been studying terrestrial mammals, mainly neotropical felids, in Paraguay and Argentina for several years. In Paraguay I participated in a large project to study the diversity of mammals in the Gran Chaco Americano (480 camera traps installed in the north of the country), and in Argentina I worked on the Yaguareté Project, also carrying out wildlife studies with camera traps.

At CREAF I am a pre-doctoral student in the MountainLab research group, led by Dr. Bernat Claramunt. I will be investigating habitat use by mammals in the Andorran Pyrenees and the Atlantic Forest of Paraguay. I am interested in understanding what factors affect the occupancy and daily activity of the mammals that inhabit these environments.