Office: C5b/050

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Biology from the University of Barcelona (2006), and a postgraduate degree in Geographic Information Systems from the Open University of Catalonia (2012). I am soon to defend my doctoral thesis (scheduled for March 20, 2024). From the completion of my undergraduate studies until 2018, I worked as a technical specialist on projects and monitoring related to natural resource management, specifically focusing on continental aquatic ecosystems. From 2018 to 2024, I focused primarily on my doctoral research, working on an applied research project on participation and citizen science in the study of Mediterranean rivers.

I am currently a research support technician at CREAF, participating in various projects on assessing the conservation status and management of mature forests in Catalonia.

My main interest and motivation is to find solutions for natural resource management based on scientific and technical evidence, incorporating the experience of all stakeholders involved in the field of study, as well as the involvement of all citizens in the scientific process and decision-making.