I am an environmentalist and agricultural technical engineer and since 2020 a pre-doctoral researcher at CREAF and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. My area of specialization and research focuses on terrestrial ecology and particularly on enzymatic activity related to the phosphorus cycle (phosphatases).
The activity of phosphatases is the result of the ability of plants and soil microorganisms to react to phosphorus demand. My research is based on providing theoretical and experimental data on the response of phosphatases to the different physicochemical and biological soil variables. But not only this, but also depending on crop management, weather conditions and fertilization. My research profile is complemented by my previous experience as an agri-environmental officer in the public and private spheres and also in education. My interest is to convey the conclusions of my research to all the people who manage agricultural land, so that they learn to make a more sustainable use of soil resources for a global agro-environmental improvement.