Nicolas Martin St-Paul
Office: C5b/012

Researcher at INRAE Avignon, France, his work focuses on how trees and forests response to drought and heatwaves. He is focused on the physiological mechanisms involved in water transport (plant hydraulic), to understand and model plant hydraulic failure and plant desiccation. This is why he uses the plant hydraulic theory as a hub to integrate various discipline and various sources of data and understand broader scales ecological patterns (disturbances, biogeography, species coexistence, ecosystems functions, etc).  He develops the plant hydraulic model SurEau and uses it to integrate such data including, traits (from lab measurements), forestry data (inventory), soil, remote-sensing data and climate data into mechanistic model to propose an integrative and reliable risk framework. Nicholas Martin St-Paul's aims to use this knowledge to evaluate mechanistically the future of forest in terms of climate change impacts and forest adaptation possibilities.