Natàlia Martínez Rubio
Office: C5/1066

I am a pre-doctoral researcher in terrestrial ecology at CREAF. My research aims to contribute to the understanding of the evolutionary history and ecological aspects of organisms and their role in responding to environmental changes through a combination of comparative analyses, models, and experiments. Specifically, the objectives are as follows: 1) to investigate global patterns of extinction in relation to components of anthropogenic-induced global change, 2) to explore differences in extinction patterns among various species groups, and 3) to identify traits associated with increased vulnerability to global change.

I obtained a BSc in Biology on 2021 and a MSc in Terrestrial Ecology and Biodiversity Management at 2022, both at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. After that, I joined researcher Ferran Sayol in the AVOTREX project as a research technician, studying the ecological consequences of bird extinctions.

Besides all this, I am the Scientific Communication Coordinator of the Iberian Centre for River Restoration (CIREF) since 2022.