Maricel Mostiga
Office: C5b/-122b

Forest Engineer and Master of Science in Forest Resources Conservation from the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina. Also, I have a Diploma in Management and Design of Green Areas and Urban Arboriculture; Specialization in Silviculture and Bamboo Management, and national and international courses on topics related to forest management.

For 6 years I was a professor in the Forest Management Department of the La Molina National Agrarian University, teaching practical courses related to forestry, urban arboriculture, agroforestry, forest plantations and others. In addition, I have developed and advised research, publications and conferences on propagation of forest species, forest health, urban arboriculture and forest biotechnology. Currently, I am studying a Doctorate in Terrestrial Ecology at CREAF for the President of the Republic scholarship -PRONABEC, Peru.