Marc Valeros Pasadas
Office: C5/1066

I studied Biology and Biotechnology at the University of Girona. As a biologist with a passion for ecology and a keen interest in conservation genetics, I specialized by pursuing a Master's in Advanced Genetics and another in Terrestrial Ecology and Biodiversity Management, both at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Recently, I developed my master's thesis in collaboration with the Catalan Society of Herpetology, conducting amphibian monitoring with the objective of elucidating the role of detectability in amphibian population studies in Catalonia. Currently,

I am starting my doctoral thesis at CREAF as a member of the Environmental Change Ecology Group. My research is integrated into the WATERSCAPE project, supervised by Dr. Marisol Felip and Dr. Jordi Catalan. The project focuses on studying the coexistence of organisms in high-mountain aquatic environments, using diatoms as a model organism.