Office: CM7/20

I am a Biologist (Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Brazil), PhD in Plant ecology (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil), currently a MSCA Posdoctoral fellow at CREAF. My main goal is to uncover the consequences of the loss of ecological and phylogenetic complexity within biological communities to ecosystem functioning. The main line of my research are twofold. The first attempts to study the biodiversity with a special focus on ecological interactions, and paying particular attention to eco-evolutionary aspects of mutualisms. The second attempts to understand the role of ecological traits in the response of animals to environmental changes and the implications to ecology and evolution. To address these two lines, I integrate studies on species morphology, ecology and phylogeny. I often use a macroevolutionary approach, mainly using primates and birds as a study model, and combining big datasets with information from the literature.

My main scientific achievements to date include to disentangle how Neotropical biodiversity is structured in terms of mutualistic interactions, and how Neotropical frugivores contribute to the recovery and maintenance of ecosystem diversity. Also, I described the main anthropogenic drivers of declines in dung beetles interacting with vertebrates in tropics, and the consequences of the loss of functions to communities.