Office: CM7/19

I am a researcher in the fields of animal ecology and biodiversity conservation. My research focuses on understanding the spatial distribution patterns of species and their mechanisms, with the ultimate goal of better predicting the effects of environmental changes. I integrate different statistical techniques, such as distribution modelling, comparative phylogenetic analysis, spatial analysis, geographic information systems, and field techniques (censuses, marking of individuals).

I work on several groups of organisms, but I have a special focus on birds. Since my PhD in October 2011 (University of Barcelona), I have carried out six postdoctoral contracts (including two under EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions) in 6 research institutions in the United Kingdom (University College London), France (CEFE-CNRS), Portugal (CIBIO) and Spain (CSIC, CREAF and CTFC). Over the years, my research has contributed to (i) a better understanding of the role of environmental factors, human activity and spatial constraints on the spatial distribution of different species; (ii) new insights into the role of pre-adaptations and niche conservatism in invasion success; (iii) assess the effect of trade and its constraints on the introduction and invasion success of alien bird species; and (iv) develop a more robust predictive theory to better assess the effects of human-induced environmental changes and invasion risks.