Office: C5b/-108

I have a PhD in Terrestrial Ecology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Currently I am teacher at the Ecology Unit at the UAB and postdoc researcher at CREAF, UAB and UPM.

My research interests and my research activity is related to insect ecology:

  • Trophic webs of soil macroinvertebrates (using stable isotopes).
  • Ant ecology (using stable isotoptes).
  • Pollinator communities: spatial and temporal variability; urban environments.
  • Plant-pollinator networks and their response to 1. plant composition changes and 2. increasing wild ungulate densities.
  • Pollination and reproductive success of entomophilous plants.
  • Host-parasitoid networks (solitary bee and wasp communities) and their response to 1. habitat size and 2. cattle management.
  • Butterfly communities.
  • Diversity and ecology of exotic fauna.

I like to tackle ecological questions from a classic perspective, call it naturalistic, combining field work and species identification with quantitative analyses.

CV in Spanish