Office: C5/1066-9

Forestry engineer and master in Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management (MEDfOR), with a double degree awarded by the Università degli Studi di Padova (Italy) and the University of Valladolid (Spain). She is the founder of the start-up company FORESTORA, which she manages, specialising in forest ecosystems, forest restoration and carbon assessment.

At CREAF she works as a research officer on Ecosystem Services, assisting the coordination the he DigiMedFor project, carrying out the review of technical and scientific literature and metanalysis, facilitating stakeholder engagement processes, as well as executing and optimizing models relevant to the project's objectives.

She defines her personality as innovative, open to self-development and growth, while pointing to analytical, problem-solving and communication skills as professional skills. She has worked in the Rome office (Italy) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in the field of ecosystem restoration, supporting bibliographic research and resource search. This international experience connected her with the urgency of new technologies in ecosystem restoration.