Aleix Valls

I have a biology degree from UAB, and a master's degree in terrestrial ecology and biodiversity management from CREAF. I completed my PhD at North Dakota State University, in the Department of Entomology, studying various effects of climate change on agriculture, and on plant-insect interactions. I have worked at CREAF as a research technician with the pollinators group, and in my last working stage at the BETA Technology Centre, I coordinated the Interreg Next-MED Med4Waste project on the management of urban organic matter, and to facilitate new governance models for integrated and efficient urban waste management policies in the Mediterranean Region. Currently, I work on climate change adaptation issues within the framework of the CARDIMED and CREDIBLE projects, two Horizon projects that promote climate resilience in the Mediterranean biogeographical region through nature-based solutions, and the implementation of carbon farming strategies in the EU. My interests focus on the effects of climate change, pollination of fruit trees and horticultural pests, the capitalization and transfer of knowledge, Nature-based solutions, and citizen science.