Office: C5B/-124

I have a BSc in Biology (2010, University of Barcelona), an MSc in Plant Diversity (2011, University of Reading, UK) and a PhD in Plant Biology (2017, University of Barcelona).

My research mainly focuses on functional ecology and ecophysiology of woody plants in cold ecosystems. I carried out my PhD with the group GEOVEG (University of Barcelona) on the effects of warming, rising CO2 concentrations and summer drought on the growth and functioning of dwarf shrubs in the high mountain. Afterwards, I got a Humboldt Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the University of Greifswald, Germany, where I focused on the study of growth rings, quantitative xylem anatomy and functional traits to understand the response of shrub species to biotic and abiotic factors.
My interest in cold ecosystems led me to carry out predoctoral scientific visits to Switzerland (SLF and WSL) and Austria (University of Innsbruck), as well as postdoctoral stays in Norway (Finse Alpine Research Station), Sweden (CIRC, Abisko) and Denmark (University of Copenhaguen). Although a large part of my research has focused on the functioning of shrub species, I am also passionate about other topics related to community ecology and ecosystem ecology, such as treeline dynamics, litter decomposition, nutrient cycling, and plant-soil interactions.