Regional Projects
Project duration: 
Nov 2020 to Oct 2021

This is a research, awareness and training project on the deforestation of primary tropical forests and its link to climate change, consumption patterns in the Global North and the violation of the rights of human rights defenders and their inhabitants.


In its research phase, this project will identify and document violations of the rights of defenders and inhabitants of primary tropical forests in the regions where this ecosystem is most concentrated: Brazil, Congo and Indonesia. In addition, it will produce knowledge about the link between these violations, climate change and the consumption patterns of the Global North. Subsequently, there will be a series of awareness raising, training and networking activities aimed at individuals and entities in the city of Barcelona working for environmental and climate justice. These activities have the ultimate goal of strengthening the fabric of associations and social movements and establish a common strategy to generate a future campaign of awareness, advocacy and education. This campaign will use the materials developed, the knowledge produced and the alliances established to contribute to improving the knowledge of the citizens of Barcelona and of the public administrations about this problem and to change behaviours and policies.