European Union Projects
Project duration: 
May 2006 to Apr 2008
Methods based on resource equivalence to quantifiy environmental damage in the European Community (REMEDE).


Thel aim of REMEDE is to develop, validate and disseminate resource equivalence methods to determine the scale of complementary and compensatory measures necessary to correct serious environmental damage or catastrophes.
The project is based on experience in the USA in the development of these methodologies, as well as experience in the member states of the EU. It aims to develop these methodologies in relation to the Environmental Liability Directive and the Habitats Directive of the EU.
The project brings together experts in ecology, economics and law from the United States and Europe to review experience in the application of methods and tools and to validate them in four specific cases in Europe.


Here you can see all the deliverables of the project:

D9: Consultative workshop report (pdf) and Annex (pdf - 23MB)

D12: Draft Case Studies (opens a new window)

D13: The Main Toolkit (opens a new window)


  • Resource Equivalency Methods for Assessing Environmental Damage in the EU