European Union Projects
Project duration: 
Jan 2024 to Dec 2027


In order to inform global action on biodiversity and climate protection, IPBES, IPCC and corresponding national processes were created to improve the science-policy interface (SPI) between knowledge holders and decision makers. Nevertheless, there are large differences in the capacities and experiences among countries in supporting and engaging in IPBES and IPCC processes. In addition, the knowledge systems on climate and biodiversity remain fragmented despite thematic and procedural overlaps in both domains.

The aim of this project is to systematically evaluate and process existing experiences to provide other countries and stakeholders guidance and inspiration for SPI development. RESPIN will assess existing potentials and barriers to foster SPI processes around biodiversity and climate change to provide an improved access to information for decisions at EU, national and subnational levels. This project will: (1) empower knowledge holders to enhance the representation across regions, knowledge systems and stakeholder groups in SPI processes, considering the interlinkages between biodiversity and climate; (2) empower decision makers at different levels across the globe to uptake the knowledge and capacity building provided by IPBES and IPCC; (3) develop future perspectives for SPI engagement at EU level, enhancing EU capacities to incorporate IPBES and IPCC functions in their knowledge procedures and funding provisions; and (4) develop and disseminate online capacity building programs to up-scale best practices and translaterelevant project outputs for key stakeholders and decision-makers across the globe. In sum, RESPIN will develop new SPI formats for integrated IPBES and IPCC processes, provide training and digital guidelines and develop action agendas with strategic partners to ensure integrated SPI processes on global, national and subnational levels.