Consolidated Research Group supported by Generalitat de Catalunya focused on the study of Soil degradation associated to pollution, mining activities, infrastructures and wildfires.  

The loss of soil quality is assessed by soil physical, chemical and biological indicators, with a focus on changes in soil biological activity and its ecosystem functions. 

We assess the prospective ecological risk of pollutants and wastes by the use of bioassays and the retrospective risk at contaminated sites. On the other hand, we rehabilitate soil degraded by human activities by designing technosols adapted to each scenario and by the application of organic wastes. A new line of research has been recently launched, focused on the possible use of biochar as a soil amendment due to its fertilizing properties, carbon sequestration capacity, and as alternative waste treatment. Therefore, we investigated the possible use of biochar in agriculture, rehabilitation of degraded land and the remediation of contaminated soils.

All these lines combine basic and applied research, as reflected by our current research projects and contracts with public and private institutions.