Research, monitoring and observation are our tool to generate environmental knowledge and information. We also use environmental change models and scenario development to understand and support decision-making processes.

CREAF collaborates in environmental management  programs and tests innovative systems and practices that facilitate local, national and international cooperation in this area.

We offer a wide range of products and services tailored to entities, companies or administrations that perform activities related to the environment.

Forest management services

CREAF offers services and tools for forest management intended for the evaluation of forest resources, planning the sustainable use of biomass, understanding regeneration potential after wildfire, or testing management strategies adapted to global change. 

Over the past few years, various emblematic projects have demonstrated the experience and quality of the services offered by CREAF in this field. 

  • Support to forest management
  • Forest inventory design
  • Ecological monitoring networks
  • Risk and impact studies in forest areas

Land-use planning services

Many of the products and services offered by CREAF are tools which aid in proper land-use planning adapted to social, economic, and environmental requirements and limitations, always taking into consideration appropriateness to the locality and age we live in. At CREAF we can carry out complete territorial analyses using environmental databases, remote sensing, GIS, aerial photography and cartographic databases.

  • Environmental and territorial analysis
  • Strategic plans and consulting
  • Thematic digital cartography
  • Environmental information systems (EIS)
  • Studies of environmental risk

Sustainable water management services

Numerous projections forecast that the Mediterranean will be one of the planet’s regions most vulnerable to global environmental change. This phenomenon will affect water availability and as a consequence the functioning of natural ecosystems, agriculture, the quantity of water, and social and economic activities.

At CREAF we collaborate in the design of water scarcity adaptation measures, the evaluation of climate change impacts on water resources, the study of the water cycle via satellite imagery, and inspection of water quality in watersheds.

  • Water and global change
  • Wastewater
  • Study of the water cycle using remote sensing
  • Water quality and environmental inspection

Soil protection and rehabilitation services

At CREAF we have long-established experience in the protection and rehabilitation of degraded soils and the reutilization of sewage sludge for the restoration of lands affected by extractive activities. Based on this experience we have elaborated protocols which help optimize the restoration process.

Our services are addressed to professionals associated with the restoration of spaces affected by mining, territorial managers, agriculturists, managers of waste management plants, and administration technicians dedicated to soil protection.

  • Technical and testimonial expert soil reports
  • Ecotoxicological studies
  • Restoration of quarries and other degraded spaces
  • Soil Analysis

Forest fire management services

CREAF collaborates with different entities in forest fire prevention, proposing and practicing forest management measures to reduce the risk and impact of large wildfires, and developing knowledge and cartography to improve the predictive capacity of wildfire risk assessment.

At CREAF, we have a great deal of experience collaborating with different entities to plan the management of burnt areas. The objective of such management is often to immediately reduce new wildfire risk (being the case that the shrubbery which grows afterwards is especially prone to fire) and improve the recovery capacity of the habitat.

  • Prevention and management of forest fires
  • Risks and impacts of fire
  • Management of burned areas

GIS and remote sensing services

A geographic information system (GIS) is a scientific and technological tool in the form of a computing application which allows the generation and management of digital thematic and topographic maps, aerial photographs, satellite images, digital terrain models, large databases and also the ability to connect to GPS systems. It is an indispensable tool for decision-making, taking into account aspects of territorial dynamics such as urban growth, forest fires and other risks, etc.

The GIS system MiraMon has been in development since late 1994. Notable to this system is the wide spectrum of applications, the scientific rigor used in its implementation, and its ease of use, which has converted it into a tool of habitual use in research, territorial management and planning of numerous public institutions, universities, and companies within the sector. All of these capacities make MiraMon an extraordinary instrument in diverse areas of research, planning, and territorial management.

  • GIS analysis, terrain modeling and analysis
  • Definition and application of information organization standards
  • Implementation of GIS projects
  • Geographic information system MiraMon
  • Remote sensing

Biodiversity conservation services

At CREAF we carry out studies on ecosystem function and the roles of species, populations, and communities of organisms in defining environmental constraints. These studies are vital for managing and conserving biodiversity.

Our services are addressed to professional experts in management of protected areas and biological resources, to environmental departments of large companies, or researchers at institutions with activities that are academic, ecological, biological or environmental in nature.

  • Biodiversity monitoring networks
  • Biodiversity and global change
  • Studies of environmental risk to terrestrial biodiversity
  • Landscape and biodiversity
  • Species monitoring