Contracts and agreements
Project duration: 
Jul 2018 to Jul 2020

The collaboration between CREAF and the Technical Office of the Montseny Biosphere Reserve and Natural Park aims to improve the incorporation of available scientific information on the hydrogeological system of the area in the decision making on conservation strategies of the Montseny PNRB.


The Montseny hydrogeological system is very complex and its correct functionality is vital both for the protected ecosystems and for the economic and social activities in the area. In order for the management policies drawn up by OTPNRB Montseny to be sustainable, they must be based on consolidated knowledge. Not always the available scientific information becomes part of the management decisions, because for managers studies are difficult to access, the information is fragmented and it is not easy to correctly interpret its results. Likewise, it is not easy for researchers to transfer their knowledge because  they are not normally not involved in decision-making processes and research orientations are not always in line with management challenges. This project will allow to improve the integration of the most up-to-date research results available in the decision-making process regarding Montseny PNRB management and optimize the investment in new studies.

The project will develop actions oriented to

1) the creation of a group of experts and researchers, as well as a network of relevant initiatives, consolidated in a stable advisory committee, 2) a series of participatory meetings, aimed at answering questions specific to the management challenges of the PNRB Montseny,

3) creation of a documentary fund including information relevant to the managers and

4) identification of knowledge gaps and future lines of work. The results of this process aim at water management in the area to be based on the best information available and aimed at safeguarding the ecological, social and economic balances of the PNRB Montseny.