Interregs projects
Project duration: 
Jul 2016 to Jun 2019

REPLIM is a network of scientific centers and managers specialised in the dynamics of high mountain lakes and peatbogs and their relationship with climate change.


Pyrenean lakes and peatbogs are iconic elements of our landscape, and vulnerable to recent climate change.

REPLIM will implement a Pyrenean network of observatories of lakes and peatbogs designed to undertake the challenge of evaluating the climate change impact on the high altitude areas and to provide robust scientific data to develop policies of mitigation and adaptation. The project aims to enhance the cooperation between the beneficiaries (scientific centers) and the associated stakeholders (managers, citizenship) of all the Pyrenean territories in order to jointly launch and maintain the REPLIM network. The Project will characterise the climate change at both local (territories) and regional (Pyrenees) scales, reconstruct the past changes, document the present trends and model the foreseable future impacts.

REPLIM will also increase awareness among the stakeholders,and the citizenship about the special relationship between climate change, the mountains and these sensitive ecosystems, REPLIM will contribute to develop and implement the strategy and action plan of the Pyrenean Observatory of Climate Change (OPCC). It will armonise the climate change indicators and help to define an strategy of management integrated with the socio-economic development of the Pyrenees.