National Projects
Project duration: 
Jan 2006 to Sep 2008

GLOBIMED: Network for the monitoring of global change in Mediterranean forest ecosystems


The GLOBIMED network ( has set itself the following main objectives:
  1. To coordinate the research of 17 scientific groups working in the field of terrestrial ecology distributed around the Iberian Peninsula which conduct research in the field of global change in forests systems, by means of: i) a regular discussion forum on  priority lines of research; ii) providing orientation to international committees and organizations involved in aspects of global change and biodiversity, iii) joint participation in projects coordinated at the national and international level and iv) the development of joint databases.
  2. To promote the training of the members of the network, with particular emphasis on post-graduate students, by means of: i) student and researcher exchanges between the groups in the network for training in complementary areas and ii) seminars and workshops with a methodology focusing on advanced techniques.
  3. To disseminate the information obtained to relevant sectors outside the academic community.


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