Contracts and agreements
Project duration: 
Dec 2021 to Nov 2024


We will performing inter alia promotion and/or implementation of data sharing and management activities (e.g. data gathering,  metadata  creation,  analysis  of  licenses,  data  accessibility  and  usability),  collection,  description, management and validation of data requirements, development of standard methodologies, gap analysis, best practices and recommendations, drafting of technical reports, organisation of workshops and consultations, and supporting EEA. Main tasks of the project are:

Task 1: Improving the value of sharing GEOSS data,  

The  objective  of  this  task  is  to  coordinate,  harvest  synergies,  and  facilitate  knowledge  exchange  across  GEO, EuroGEO,  and  Copernicus’  data  sharing  and  management  activities  to  create  the  basis  for  efficient  data  access solutions. Focus is on promoting free, full, open and timely access to in situ data, foster cooperation with national data providers, and raise awareness of the technical, organizational, and resource implications of the implementation of the GEO Data Sharing and Management principles. The implementation of the task should involve stakeholders such as the GEO Data Working Group (Data-WG), Eionet, and other key in situ data providers in Europe as well as GEO community members involved in GEO Work Programme activities.

Task 2: Interoperability and quality requirements 

The purpose of this task is to provide support and consultancy as regards “Interoperability and quality requirements”. The objective of this task is to collate, analyse and store information with a common methodological approach on in-situ data quality requirements as expressed by the showcases, as well as requirements arising from EuroGEO selected applications and GEO Flagships, Initiatives and Community Activities.

Task 3: Developing standard processes to facilitate the re-use of the data 

The objective of this task is the development of standard processes to facilitate the discovery, re-use, manage and curate relevant in-situ data (i.e.: ground, sea and airborne measurements from relevant observation networks, non-satellite geospatial data or campaign data produced by relevant Horizon 2020 projects and citizen science initiatives) through the development of a series of relevant showcases. Following the GEOSS Data Sharing and Management Principles,  the  showcases  will  address  both  technical  issues  and  legal  and governance barriers  as  well  as  legacy preservation aspects where relevant. Innovative data management activities should be explored (e.g.: integration with statistical socio-economic data and new data sources, analysis, reprocessing). 
  • Sensors in situ com a part dels components in situ de Copernicus i GEOSS