Life+ projects
Project duration: 
Oct 2018 to Sep 2023


The main objective of the project is to improve the biodiversity of the Mediterranean forest by integrating specific measures and innovative practices into forest planning and management instruments and through new financing and compensation mechanisms. The aim is to make the improvement of biodiversity compatible with the economic sustainability of forest management, guaranteeing the persistence of the masses and their adaptation to climate change. 

The specific objectives are: 

  1. Improve the biodiversity of the most representative Mediterranean forests, harmonizing their environmental and socioeconomic values ​​and promoting the adaption to climate change through innovative forest management measures.
  2. Develop new tools for the promotion of forest biodiversity: (i) handbooks and forest models close to nature and criteria to establish and prepare areas at natural dynamic; (ii) development of a Potential Biodiversity Index adapted to the Mediterranean forest; iv) promote innovative compensation mechanisms for the loss of income caused by the application of biodiversity promotion practices
  3. Integrate these measures into Mediterranean forest management policies and regulations in planning, forest management instruments and sustainable forest management guidelines
  4. Transfer knowledge to the stakeholders involved in forest management (property, managers, forest administration, enterprises) to promote its application.
  5. Disseminate the results to the specific stakeholders and sensitize society about the importance of the improvement of biodiversity with sustainable and multifunctional forest management to avoid rural abandonment and promote resilient, biodiverse and vital forests.