iNaturalist II
National Projects
Project duration: 
Oct 2014 to Sep 2015

Expanding the user community of iNaturalist from several case studies (schools, research groups, environmental associations)


In this project we prepare the Citizen Science portal iNaturalist ( for different groups, with different needs.

This allows us to:

(i) carry out developments and improvements to the platform

(ii) tune case studies to evaluate the functionality of iNaturalist by the different groups that are part of the project.

Thus, the improvements that we will make, according to the new requirements are:

  1. Following of projects, to be used by all users
  2. Projects in two levels of hierarchy, in a case study for a Catalan and Basque school
  3. Loading and display of local maps, in a case study for a scientific project and an environmental organization
  4. Locations based on transects and/or polygons, based on the needs of an environmental organization
  5. Implementation of Forums Intra-Projects, transversal to all users
  6. improvements in the communication between the platform and the WordPress and Drupal plugins.


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