Life+ projects
Project duration: 
Oct 2020 to Sep 2024
The main goal of the project is to boost the sustainable Mediterranean-forest management by upgrading an existing biorefinery using torrefaction and pyrolysis (TP) to produce renewable chemicals and fuels from forest biomass.


The intrinsic characteristics of Catalan forests make its management very difficult and low profitable also due to its low productivity. Moreover, recent impacts of climate change drive direct effects of tree mortality, or indirect, such as rise of pests. Innovative sustainable Mediterranean forest management strategies are needed to overcome those barriers. On the other hand, there is the necessity to change towards renewable energy and raw materials. European plans and policies encourage the shift towards bioeconomy and more green and circular economy.

Project actions
This project will demonstrate the viability of a biorefinery capable of processing biomass obtained from local forests for different end-uses producing compounds (antioxidants, sugars, fertilizers) and energy (solid biofuels). Moreover, the innovative sustainable Mediterranean forest management proposed will also contribute to enhance health of forests, reducing the dependence on non-renewable resources and mitigating climate change. In short, the project will contribute to the development of the bioeconomy at local scale creating jobs helping to accelerate progress towards a circular and low-carbon economy in line with the EU Bioeconomy and Circular Economy strategies.