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Project duration: 
Feb 2024


Since humans domesticated cats (Felis catus), they have been introduced to many ecosystems, causing an important impact on wildlife. For instance, cats can transmit new diseases, jeopardize the genetic integrity of wildcats (Felis silvestris), prey on native (and sometimes endangered) fauna, and outcompete other mesopredators. Therefore, as shown by previous studies in different regions, free-ranging cats are among of the most troublesome invasive animals on the planet. Despite the current awareness of this problem in many regions, we still lack an evaluation of the impacts of domestic free-ranging cats in the natural ecosystems of Catalonia.

This project will use a wide range of methodologies - including camera trapping, GPS collaring, and genetic analysis – to assess the impact of free-ranging cats on the natural areas of Catalonia. The project will bring new knowledge on the multidimensional impact of cats on our ecosystems, which will be an essential first step to developing effective conservation practices.

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