Arriving by car

There are two options for getting to CREAF by car.  

  • Highway C-58
  • Freeway toll road AP-7/E-15

Arriving by car on the highway C-58

Mapa CREAF C-58

Both directions:

Exit 11:
Sabadell sud | Bellaterra | Universitat A.

Continue on the road BV-1414 until the rotunda and turn left onto the road Carretera de Bellaterra a l’Autònoma. 


Arriving by car on the freeway AP-7/E-15

Mapa CREAF AP-7 / E-15

From the direction of Girona | França — Lleida | Tarragona:

Exit 7 

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona | Cerdanyola

From the direction of Lleida | Tarragona — Girona | França :

Exit 21 

{B-30 to Cerdanyola | U. Autònoma and link with C-58 to {Barcelona — Sabadell | Manresa}}

After the exit, turn right following indications towards Cerdanyola, but in the first rotunda turn 180º onto the road Carretera de Bellaterra a l'Autònoma