National Projects
Project duration: 
Jan 2016 to Dec 2018

To advance in the understanding of anthropic influence on global change, the fact of having an e-laboratory, which integrates the different factors involved, would allow us to obtain invaluable spatio-temporal information.


ACAPI proposes to begin its construction for the Iberian Peninsula with appropriate geoservices (following international standards) that allow users to interact with such information. However, an e-laboratory on global change only could be useful when provided with coherent cartographic series of land cover, climate and socioeconomic layers. These coverages must be generated in a Big Data context (high spatio-temporal resolution), incorporating methodological improvements (coherent radiometric correction between various sensors that provide us with data, more intelligent classification methods, cross-use of satellite and climate information, etc.) but also raising important questions that can be answered in a rigorous way thanks to this enormous data bank. In this sense, and to be useful for the definition of future environmental policies, ACAPI conceives a model based on State variables that serve as a basis for Change variables on which we can define new metrics (speeds and accelerations of change) that help to Value the impacts of global change.