Geographic information system MiraMon

MiraMon is a geographic information system (GIS) and remote detection software. It allows visualization, querying, and editing and analysis of raster layers (remote detection images, orthophotographs, digital terrain models, conventional thematic maps with raster structure, etc.) as well as vector layers (thematic or topographic maps which contain points, lines or polygons, etc.) or WMS layers. 

Sale and implementation of MiraMon GIS

  • MiraMon version 7

Complete geographic information system and remote sensing software for reading, generating, querying, digitizing, or analyzing spatial or alphanumeric information.

  • MiraMon version 7 update

For users with previous versions who desire to upgrade to version 7.

  • MUS on CD - ROM and license

The update service of MiraMon recorded on a CD-ROM and transformation of the MiraMon licenses to diskette.

Sale and implementation of MiraMon Map Server and MiraMon MapBrowser
  • Miramon Map Server

The Map Server of MiraMon allows the display of maps on the Internet with only a web browser. MiraMon Internet Map Publisher allows the creation of maps in MMZ format, ready for publishing territorial information of whatever type (rasters, vectors, databases, etc.) on the Internet or on CD-ROM. 

Universal MiraMon Map Reader (free)

Allows the reading of raster and/or vectorial maps, databases, and other documents distributed in MMZ format on the internet or on CD-ROM.

Training on the MiraMon GIS program

Basic and advanced analysis courses, or specific to themes of interest to users. Now based on version 7.