Contracts and agreements
Project duration: 
Nov 2023 to Nov 2024


Esfera Climática is dedicated to infusing scientific perspectives into media narratives surrounding climate and environmental topics. Their approach includes building a diverse network of Spanish scientists, emphasizing female representation, to collaborate with media entities like TV, radio, and newspapers. The initiative also focuses on comprehensive training for these scientists, refining their communication skills and ensuring they effectively convey the nuances of climate science to the public. Additionally, Esfera Climática is pioneering collaborations with media outlets, notably RTVE, to seamlessly integrate climate data into weather forecasts, providing audiences with timely and context-rich information.

Objectives of Esfera Climática:

  • Scientific Integration: To seamlessly integrate scientific expertise into media narratives, ensuring that climate and environmental topics are accurately represented and easily understood by the public.
  • Diverse Representation: To amplify the voices of women scientists and experts from various disciplines, fostering a more inclusive dialogue on global crises and their implications.
  • Media Collaboration: To establish strong partnerships with media outlets, enabling a more robust and informed coverage of climate-related events and developments.
  • Training & Development: To equip scientists with advanced communication skills, enabling them to effectively engage with media professionals and convey complex scientific concepts to broader audiences.
  • Innovative Communication: To pioneer new methodologies and approaches in media engagement, ensuring that the information shared remains relevant, timely, and impactful in addressing contemporary environmental challenges.