CREAFTalks Anna Lupon - "Towards gender inclusive conferences: insights from the 1st SIBECOL meeting"

Friday, February 11, 2022 - 12pm - 1pm

TITLE: "Towards gender inclusive conferences: insights from the 1st SIBECOL meeting"

DATE: Friday 11th February 2022

TIME & FORMAT: form 12 to 1pm

Seminar will be online and it will be streamed (not recorded).

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Conferences are ideal platforms for studying gender gaps in science, because they are important cultural events that reflect barriers to women in academia. Anna Lupon's research group evaluated women's visibility in the first conference of the Iberian Society of Ecology (#SIBECOL2019) that gathered 722 researchers in Barcelona, Spain.

Gender biases were flagrant in speakers’ and conveners’ panels, as well as during the time allocated for questions. Alarmingly, most of the conference attendees failed to detect them. As Lupon's says, we hope that these results will bring to light some of the unconscious biases that women face in science, and also promote the discussion about how to move towards a more gender inclusive conferences and seminars.

Researcher Anna Lupon is a freshwater ecologist who use cross-disciplinary approaches to assess the role of running waters in global biogeochemical cycles. She is also a member of the Gender & Science Commission of the Iberian Association of Limnology (AIL), launched in 2014 with the aim of acting as an external observer of gender biases within the ecological societies, fostering women’s visibility within the scientific community, and proposing recommendations for improving gender equity in academic institutions related to limnology. Since then, the commission has proposed and developed several activities, including the exhibition 'Women in Limnology' (2018), inclusive teaching materials (Project LImnoEDU), and several publications focusing on the inequity in limnology.

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