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CREAF Talk with Anna Traveset - "How can island studies help us understanding the effects of global change on Earth biodiversity?"

Thursday, November 2, 2023

TITLE: "How can island studies help us understanding the effects of global change on Earth biodiversity?"

DATE: Thursday, 2 November 2023.

TIME & FORMAT: form 12 to 1pm CET - In-person and online.

Seminars will combine in-person and online formats (CREAF, Sala Graus II, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain) but in all cases, talks will be always streamed (not recorded), so they can be followed online.

HOW TO CONNECT: direct link to Anna Traveset's conference.


In this presentation, researcher Anna Traveset aims to underscore the significance of island ecosystems as invaluable natural laboratories. These unique environments allow us to delve into a spectrum of ecological and evolutionary phenomena akin to those observed in mainland areas, while also revealing distinctive island-specific processes stemming from their inherent characteristics. We will navigate through these defining traits and elucidate emerging patterns drawn from diverse studies conducted across various archipelagos. Subsequently, she will delve into a paramount threat to island biodiversity: the introduction of alien invasive species.

Anna Traveset will elucidate the intricate assimilation of these invaders within native communities and, in tandem, their profound repercussions on native species and their interactions. Employing a compelling network approach, she will advocate for its utility in unraveling these integrations and subsequent impacts. she'll provide illustrative instances drawn from our extensive studies across different islands. She will end the talk by introducing the primary objectives of our recently initiated ERC project. By exploring these themes, she endeavors to shed light on the intricate dynamics of island ecosystems and emphasize the pivotal role they play in advancing ecological understanding.


Anna Traveset is a Research Professor at the Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies (IMEDEA), a mixed institution of the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) and the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB).  She leads the Terrestrial Ecology Laboratory at IMEDEA where, along with her team, she investigates the impact of global change on native communities, specifically on the ecological interactions established between species. For this, she uses the approach of network theory, collaborating also with theoreticians from other institutions. She mostly works on island systems, currently coordinating an ERC project that embraces different archipelagos worldwide. She was awarded the Jaume I Prize (modality: Environmental Protection) and the Ramon Llull Prize from the Balearic Government in 2022. Since 2019 she is the CSIC delegate at the Balearic Islands, and is currently the Principal Investigator of the accreditation Project “Unidad de Excelencia María de Maeztu” at IMEDEA (2023-2027).