European Union Projects
Project duration: 
Nov 2002 to Oct 2006

EUFIRELAB is a European project for creating a network of excellency on wildland fire research and management throughout Europe.


EUFIRELAB is structured in units (work-packages) for (i) reinforcing the co-operation among Euro-Mediterranean teams, (ii) activating large exchanges of knowledge and know-how, (iii) developing common concepts, approaches, and "languages", (iv) fostering the common use of facilities for research and/or technological development, and so, (v) avoiding unnecessary and expensive replications in Fuel description and modelling, Fire behaviour modelling, Fire, ecosystems functioning, and bio-diversity, Socio-economy, Decision support tools, Fire measurements methods, Fire risks and hazards, Fire suppression, Interfaces management. EU Fire Lab Observatory of wildland fire sciences and an innovative Web site enabling close connections between EU Fire Lab members and with the public ensure a large dissemination and valorisation of EU Fire Lab achievements towards the end-users and stakeholders. 

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