Contratos y convenios
Duración del proyecto: 
Mar 2013

The AIP-4 tutorials aid data providers in deploying synchronous on-line access for their data. This activity was done in coordination with the Standards and Interoperability Forum (SIF), which managed the outline of tutorial topics.


This tutorial provides the necessary information for a data provider to publish its vector data though a WFS server. Some examples, illustrated with real data, are presented in a step by step description with open source and proprietary server technologies. Hopefully, these examples can be easily adapted to the provider data particularities. In addition, this tutorial presents some information regarding the WFS standard and its operation. 

This is illustrated with examples, which can be used by a technology developer as an easy way to have a first contact with a particular specification, before reading the hard details of the standard document itself. It is also thought to be used by teachers that want to present the WFS standard to their pupils using existing examples. A WFS user is supposed to access the data, to download the data, and to use visualization tools, some examples of these practices can also be seen here.