Statistical Modelling Course for Forest Sciences
Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya
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Statistical Modelling Course for Forest Sciences

De Martes, Junio 30, 2015 hasta Viernes, Julio 3, 2015
  • Day 1: Generalized linear models (Poisson regression, logistic regression for binary data, and extensions for multinomial and ordinal data).
  • Day 2: Model selection and multimodel inference (model selection, model averaging predictions, effect sizes).
  • Day 3: Linear mixed models and generalized linear mixed models (models for hierarchical data, repeated measures in time or space).
  • Day 4: Introduction to Bayesian analysis (MCMC, classic models, hierarchical models)

The workshop will heavily use the R statistical language and environment to illustrate various methods. This is not an R introductory workshop: participants should have a working knowledge of R to import their own data and run classic models such as ANOVA and multiple regression. Participants can bring their own laptop. Some statistical consulting time will be reserved for participants wishing to bring their own data during the workshop.

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Centre de Ciència i Tecnologia Forestal de Catalunya (CTFC)