17520 Puigcerdà Girona

Euromontana congress: ‘Shaping the future of mountain economies’

De Martes, Octubre 15, 2024 hasta Viernes, Octubre 18, 2024

The European association Euromontana –dedicated to the sustainable development of mountain areas– is holding its 13th congress under the title 'Shaping the future of mountain economies’ in Puigcerdà (La Cerdanya, Catalonia), which will take place from 15 to 18 October, 2024. This international meeting is held every two years and aims to share and debate the present and future possibilities of mountain areas, environmentally, socially and economically. CREAF is involved in co-organising it, together with Euromontana and the Department of Territory of the Catalan Government, with the collaboration of Puigcerdà Town Council. 

The congress is intended to be a space for reflection which brings together the voices of the member organisations of the association, including representatives of agricultural organisations, neighbourhood associations, research institutes, and associations linked to the economy of the area and also some governments. Its aim is to share ways of promoting the genuine development of mountain areas, from the valleys to the summits. This is why its work takes into account the evolution of people’s lives connected to agriculture, the impact of an economy linked to leisure and tourism, the environmental reality today conditioned by climate change and the need for new infrastructures and digitalization, to name but a few essential aspects. 

Registration is mandatory. And the call for speakers is open until 24th June, 2024.

The previous European congress, held in Calabria (Italy) in 2022, adopted the declaration Smart mountains: making our territories more attractive and resilient in the face of social, economic and environmental transitions, which contains the guiding principles for the development of European mountain areas until 2050. In October 2024, Puigcerdà will be the venue for the thirteenth edition of the Euromontana congress, where, based on this declaration, the challenges and strategies for increasing the resilience, sustainability and prosperity of the economy of mountain areas will be examined in depth.