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BESTMAP Final Event: Research lessons to inform future the Common Agricultural Policy reform

Miércoles, Febrero 7, 20249:00 - 14:30 (CET)

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is vital in achieving sustainable practices and addressing biodiversity loss and climate change challenges. Although €12.1 billion is spent annually on environmentally-oriented measures, there is still concern about the ongoing decline of biodiversity in Europe and the unmet environmental goals. The primary questions are why the current agricultural environmental schemes are not able to meet the necessary environmental impacts, and how the CAP could be more effective in preventing biodiversity loss in Europe.

Analytical tools are essential for answering these questions. A panel of stakeholders will have the opportunity to discuss and present the results of three H2020 European research projects affiliated with the AGRIMODEL cluster (BESTMAP, AGRICORE, and MINDSTEP) for this reason. The discussion will be based on scientific evidence, facts, and figures to discuss the current impact of agro-environmental policies and potential policy suggestions.

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RISE Foundation
Forum for the Future Agriculture