European Carbon Farming Summit
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European Carbon Farming Summit

European Carbon Farming Summit 2024 - Open for contributions & registration!

De Martes, Marzo 5, 2024 hasta Jueves, Marzo 7, 2024

The European Carbon Farming Summit supports high-level conversations to shape carbon farming policies and practices in Europe. The three-day event will be a platform where methods and approaches to upscale and multiplication of carbon farming action across the EU will be discussed. The summit is open to all stakeholders across Europe interested in the development of “credible” carbon farming practices, with the aim of building the trust and momentum necessary to a shared vision and goal and create a space for all interested parties to meet, discuss, align and agree on best mechanisms to upscale carbon farming.

CREAF researcher Pilar Andrés will host the breakout session 3 "Carbon farming that safeguards food security and biodiversity": Focusing on soil carbon sequestration might cause unintended consequences, and there is a lively debate on its dynamic interactions with biodiversity and food security. This session will explore these nuanced relationships and contribute to evidence-based insights such as: (a) Synergies/antagonisms that should be taken into account when planning for carbon farming; (b) Which organisations/initiatives should be engaged when trying to address these issues? (c) How can we articulate a conversation that is visible and impactful?

This session is relevant for experts and practitioners holding knowledge on potential positive and negative effects of carbon farming practices on crop yield and pasture production, as well as in the quality of the final products and the global profitability of their farms. It is also open to organisations engaged in biodiversity protection and restoration as well as to managers dealing with conflicts between agriculture and nature protection.

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