Validez de la oferta: 
De 16 Nov 2023 hasta 24 Ene 2024


30 fellowships for early-stage researchers of any nationality to pursue their PhD studies in the best Spanish research centres accredited with the Spanish Seal of Excellence Severo Ochoa distinction.

Deadline: 24 January 2024, at 2 pm Peninsular Spain

All applications must be necessarily submitted through the “la Caixa” Foundation’s fellowship application website. Other forms of application will not be considered.

CREAF has published 6 PhD open positions under the INPhINIT programme:

  1. A numerical approach to understand and prevent vertical maladaptation policies in mountain social-ecological systems. Group Leader: Bernat Claramunt.
  2. Drivers of productivity, variability and resilience of biological systems: from atoms to ecosystems. Group Leader: Marcos Fernández Martínez
  3. Towards understanding the temporal dimension of the invasion process (TEMPOBIOINVASIONS). Group Leader: Sandra Nogué
  4. Responses to global warming across ecotones and altitudinal gradients in mediterranean populations: assessing the role of microclimatic variability. Group Leader: Jofre Carnicer
  5. Adaptive intelligence and the risk of extinction through maladaptation . Group Leader: Daniel Sol Rueda
  6. A functional trait approach to plant metabolomics: new tools to predict plant adaptation to climate change . Group Leader: Jordi Martínez


- Experience: candidates must not have carried out more than four years of research activity before the closing date of the call.
- Studies pursued: at the time of recruitment, candidates must have completed the studies that allow them to enroll in an official PhD programme in Spain/Portugal. The verification of the required level of studies will be carried out by the host university when the admission procedure begins.
- Candidates must not have been enrolled in a doctoral programme prior to the start of the fellowship.
- Mobility: candidates must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Spain/Portugal for more than twelve months in the three years immediately preceding the closing date of the call.
- Level of English: candidates must accredit the required level of English by submitting one of the certificates specified in the rules for participation.



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