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Examining the potential of marine renewable energy: A net energy perspective

Viernes, Junio 2, 2023 12.15 h CET

It is often claimed that marine renewable energy alone could meet the electricity demand of current and future human societies. However, such claims are based on highly uncertain estimations of the global potentials of marine renewable energy sources (including tidal, ocean currents, wave, offshore wind and salinity and thermal gradients), and do not take into account the embedded energy of current technologies.

To better understand the effective potential of marine energy, CREAF researcher Roger Samsó will explain the literature review on its gross, technical, economic and sustainable potentials, as well as the energy return on investment (EROI), and estimated the net energy potential. The results suggest that the contribution of marine renewable energy to the future energy mix may be important, but not be as significant as generally thought.

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Institut de Ciències del Mar (ICM-CSIC)