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Seminar: Better integration of ecosystem services in territorial decision-making

Seminar: Better integration of ecosystem services in territorial decision-making

Jueves, Marzo 23, 2023 - 9am - 2pm

Final seminar to present the results of the Interreg PROGRESS project "Governance of ecosystem services and the action plans developed by the partners". At the seminar, each partner presents its results associated with the project, as well as a general roadmap will be shared to improve policies in specific aspects. More information about the final Interreg PROGRESS seminar.

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8:45-9:10 am - Registration
In-person participants will have to register ID/passport for venue access. This information won't be stored.

9:10-09:30 am - Welcome and Event Opening
Joan Pino, Director, CREAF.
Stefano Baccelli, Councillor for Infrastructures, Mobility and Territorial Government, Tuscany Region.
Laura Rahola, Representation of the European Commission in Barcelona.
Anna Barnadas, Secretary of Climate Action, Government of Catalonia.

9:30-9:45 am - The state of play of Interreg Europe
Erwin Siweris, Director, Interreg Europe Programme.

9:45-10 am - PROGRESS presentation.
Besnik Mehmeti, PROGRESS Project Manager, ANCI Toscana (Italy).

Panel 1
10-11 am - Pollination security: Understanding the need for, and challenges related to the implementation of a regional/local pollination plan.

Presentation of PROGRESS Action Plans:
Hungary - Balázs Kiss, Tolna Development County Agency.
Catalonia - Enrique Doblas, CREAF Knowledge and Tech Transfer Officer.

Bridget Loughlin, Heritage Officer, Kildare County Council (Ireland).
Santiago Pérez, Nature Planning at Government of Catalonia (Catalonia, Spain).
Constantí Stefanescu, Natural History Museum of Granollers (Catalonia, Spain).
Ferenc Réder, Ministry of Environment and Energy Efficiency (Hungary).

Moderator: Anabel Sánchez, CREAF Impact Officer (Catalonia, Spain).

11-11:30 am - Coffee break.

Panel 2
11:30 am-1 pm - Mapping of ecosystem services: from technical to policy perspective.

Presentation of PROGRESS Action Plans:
Latvia, Janis Zvirgzdins, Riga Technical University.
Italy, Besnik Mehmeti, ANCI Toscana.
Ireland, Eastern and Midland Region, Owen Douglas, EMRA.
Romania, Dragos Stefanescu, University of Craiova.

Gemma Weir, National Parks and Wildlife Service (Ireland).
Andris Sirovs, Director General, Latvia Nature Conservation Agency (Latvia).
Anda Ruskule, Project Manager, Baltic Environmental Forum (Latvia).
Daniele Mazzotta, Territorial government, sustainable planning and digital transition, Tuscany Region (Italy).
Măgdălina Claudia, Ministry of Investments and European Projects (Romania).
Moderator: Carles Castell, Barcelona Regional Council (Catalonia, Spain).

Panel 3
1-1:45 pm - City level actions:  Enhancing ecosystem services through Nature Based Solutions in cities and neighborhoods.

Emese Décsi, The Green Office, City of Budapest (Hungary).
Pádraig  McEvoy, Councilor, Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly, (Ireland).
Marc Montlleó, Director of Environmental Projects, Barcelona Regional Agency, (Catalonia, Spain).
Mariona Ferrandiz, CREAF Researcher (Catalonia, Spain).

Moderator: Enrique Doblas, CREAF Knowledge and Tech Transfer Officer (Catalonia, Spain).

1:45-2 pm - Closing remarks.

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Progress Interreg Europe