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Science Diplomacy in the Mediterranean: Building Trust Truough Science and Knowledge

Jueves, Enero 26, 2023 18:30

Science and innovation are key to fostering multi-sectoral cooperation in the Mediterranean region, with the aim of achieving long-term sustainability, prosperity and peace. The collaboration between international research, evidence-based decision-making and public policy during Covid-19 lays the foundations and provides a unique opportunity to address current and future challenges. Preventing and responding to future crises of any kind requires changing mindsets, forging new partnerships, building creative alliances among a wide range of actors, and ultimately placing science, health, climate and the environment at the centre of the multilateral system. 

Science diplomacy is the instrument to achieve this from sustainable development agendas, especially with an international perspective. Alicia Pérez-Porro, CREAF scientific coordinator, delivers this conference at the Aula Mediterrània IEMed 2022-2023 in an act presented by Javier Albarracín, associate lecturer at the master 'Advanced Studies in International Affairs' at Blanquerna - Universitat Ramon Llull.  Co-organised by the IEMed, in collaboration with the Blanquerna - Universitat Ramon Llull in Advanced Studies in International Affairs.


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Blanquerna Ramon Llull University