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International Conference on Ecological Sciences

De Lunes, Noviembre 21, 2022 hasta Viernes, Noviembre 25, 2022

This year, the conference will be focused on the topic 'Ecology and Evolution: New perspectives and societal challenges'.

During the last century, ecologists and evolutionists alerted society of several major environmental crises, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution of the environment. As a result, scientists worldwide have joined forces to identify and explain these phenomena and develop tools that may help solve these major environmental issues. However, many questions remain still open. This event is an opportunity to share knowledge and create synergies among researchers worldwide to help the world face the current environmental and biodiversity challenges. 

Our researcher Paolo Zuccarini participate as one of the speakers with the presentation 'Drivers and dynamics of the timing of foliar senescence in temperate deciduous forest trees at their southern limit of distribution in Europe'. 

Our researcher Francisco Lloret, who is also professor at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, will present 'An operational framework for unifying the study and the implementation of resilience in ecological systems' within the 'Disturbance and resilience ecology' session and will be the Chair of the session 'Forest ecology in a context of global change'.

Moreover, our PhD student Raquel Díaz Borrego will present the poster 'Drought-induced defoliation affects the climatic disequilibrium of recruit communities in Mediterranean shrubland'. Poster's author names: Raquel Díaz Borrego; María Ángeles Pérez-Navarro & Francisco Lloret.

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