Many of the products and services offered by CREAF are tools which aid in proper land-use planning adapted to social, economic, and environmental requirements and limitations, always taking into consideration appropriateness to the locality and age we live in. At CREAF we can carry out complete territorial analyses using environmental databases, remote sensing, GIS, aerial photography and cartographic databases. Prevention and management of forest fires

  • Environmental and territorial analysis
  • Strategic plans and consulting
  • Thematic digital cartography
  • Environmental information systems (EIS)
  • Studies of environmental risk



Study of the ecological functionality and biodiversity of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona in the framework of the Urban Planning Plan.

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Interstitial spaces

First ecological characterization of the interstitial spaces and the margin of the metropolitan area of Barcelona

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Monitoring, vulnerability and assessment of Barcelona city biodiversity.

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AMB Green

Green infrastructure of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.

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AMB Cover Map

Land cover map of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. 

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Development of the Metropolitan Lab of Ecology and Territory of Barcelona.

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