Science and technology that helps sustain forests and keeps them economically and environmentally productive.

CREAF offers services and tools for forest management intended for the evaluation of forest resources, planning the sustainable use of biomass, understanding regeneration potential after wildfire, or testing management strategies adapted to global change. This services are, among others: environmental advice, support to forest management, forest inventory design, ecological monitoring networks, risk and impact studies in forest areas, analysis of ecosystem services

Over the past few years, various emblematic projects have demonstrated the experience and quality of the services offered by CREAF in this field.



Projections of stocks and the capacity of carbon sinks in Catalonia until 2050.

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Disclosing scientific evidence of the effects of climate change on Catalan forests.

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Tools and information systems


Matchmaking automatic tool in forestry encouraging scientific and technological collaboration within the Mediterranean.

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SIMWOOD Information System

A compilation of projects that address the issue of wood mobilisation in Europe. 



A citizen science project to study the health of forests.

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Maps and inventories

Spanish National Forest Inventory

Provides information about forest resources of a Spain, where NFI data supports policy and trade decisions, science initiatives and responses to regional, national and international inquiries.

NFI webpage



Mapping current and potential distribution patterns of carbon stocks and changes across vegetation land cover types in Peninsular Spain.

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Map of Catalan forest ecosystem services by municipalities.

Foresmap Report  Complete list of maps

Organic carbon stocks in Catalonia’s agricultural soils

The map show changes in soil carbon capacity, the importance of our agricultural soils’ role in mitigating climate change, and the most suitable cultivation techniques.

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Conservar aprovechando

Book-toolkit on environmental management merging exploitation and conservation.

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Habitats Management Handbooks

Eleven handbooks for the principal habitats in the natural spaces of Catalonia.

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