We are running an annual programme of biweekly, short seminars that showcases global Ecology research in forums addressed to scientists, and as a means of enhancing the relationship between research centres. Seminars take place on Fridays at 12 pm for 45 minutes with plenty of time afterwards for questions and discussion.

Seminars will combine online and onsite (CREAF, Sala Graus II, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain) formats but in all cases, talks will be always streamed (not recorded), so they can be followed online.

CREAFTalks of 2022-2023

Adrià López Baucells

Adrià López Baucells
Museu de Ciències Naturals de Granollers
Bats and bugs: how to connect bat conservation with farmers and conservationist.
20 Jan 2023 Onsite and online
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Darrel Jenerette

Darrel Jenerette
University of California, USA
Ecological components of urbanization in the context of a changing climate.
17 Feb 2023 Onsite and online
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Louise Lefebvre

Louis Lefebvre
McGill University, Canada
Comparing animal brains and intelligence.
3 Mar 2023 Onsite and online
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Kjell Overvåg

Kjell Overvåg
University of Agder, Norway
Towards more sustainable spatial planning in rural areas: insights from Norway.
17 Mar 2023 Onsite and online
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Karina Prince

Karine Princé
Museum of Natural History, Paris, France
Title to be confirmed.
31 Mar 2023 Onsite and online

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William Anderegg
Wilkes Center for Climate Science and Policy, Univ Utah
Exploring the climate risks to earth's forests in the 21st century
7th October 2022
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Gemma Cirac-Claveras
Institut d'Història de la Ciència, UAB
Data stories: satellites, history, and the making of the global environment
21st October 2022
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Marta Rivera Ferre
Ingenio, CSIC-UPV
Just transition of food systems: challenges and opportunities from science
4th November 2022
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Jean Paul Metzger
University of São Paulo, Brazil
Linking ecosystem services provision and human health in urban landscapes
15th November 2022
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Charlotte Grossiord
Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (EPFL & WSL)
Disentangling the impacts of atmospheric and soil droughts on forests
2nd December 2022
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Marc Macias Fauria
School of Geography & Environment, University of Oxford
Life beyond the ecological plot: conducting landscape ecology in the Arctic tundra
14th December 2022
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María González Sanchís
Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV)
Coupling water, fire and climate resilience with biomass production in forestry to adapt watersheds to climate change
16th December 2022
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Alba Anadon Rosell
Postdoctoral researcher

Josep Barba Ferrer
Postdoctoral researcher

Laura Cardador
Postdoctoral researcher

Sara Fraixedas
Postdoctoral researcher

Yolanda Melero Cavero
Postdoctoral researcher

Josep Padullés
Postdoctoral researcher




The CREAFTalks is part of the Severo Ochoa “ULandscape” funded in 2019 by the Agencia Estatal de Investigación of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation to support Research Centres of Excellence.

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