Project duration: 
Jan 2024 to Dec 2027


MoRe4nature aims to trigger transformative change in conservation efforts regarding zero pollution, biodiversity protection and deforestation prevention by including citizens and communities as key actors in collaborative environmental compliance assurance (ECA).

A key element in reversing the trend in environmental degradation is a change in environmental compliance assurance interventions. Citizen Science Initiatives (CSIs) present innovative ways of joint data and knowledge production and of empowering citizens in sustainable natural resource management. However, barriers to the uptake of Citizen Generated Data (CGD) and citizen actions in ECA have not been effectively tackled.

MoRe4nature will use a socio-technical approach to address these challenges and deepen the role of citizens and communities in ECA by i) strengthening the capacity of existing CSIs to provide relevant and valid data and understanding the importance of ECA, ii) fostering and supporting collaboration and partnerships among citizen science initiatives and authorities to cover data gaps and shape policy monitoring frameworks, iii) developing and testing tools to validate data obtained from CSIs, thus contributing to the integration of such data sources in environmental governance and in European Open Science Cloud, iv) making CGD available as a node in the Green Deal Data Space and v) channeling the urgency for concrete and immediate action of many citizens and communities by creating synergies between citizen science initiatives and LivingLabs for EU Missions, partnerships and other initiatives such as Fab Labs which share the values of sustainability transitions and which can help co-design actions as part of green and digital transformations. 

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