Contracts and agreements
Project duration: 
May 2023 to Oct 2023


The objective of this project is to create a comprehensive document that highlights various relevant issues related to the state of the natural environment in the Network of Natural Parks (XPN). The document will address the following key points:

  • State of the natural environment in the XPN: A detailed analysis of the current state of the natural environment in the XPN will be provided, highlighting its values and distinctive features.
  • Role of the XPN parks in biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services: The essential role played by the XPN parks in preserving biodiversity and associated ecosystem services will be emphasized.
  • Pressures on the XPN parks: The different pressures affecting the XPN parks, such as human activity, environmental changes, and other factors endangering ecosystem conservation, will be identified and analyzed.
  • Knowledge gaps and conservation challenges: The existing knowledge gaps regarding the state of the natural environment in the XPN and how they can hinder conservation efforts will be highlighted.
  • Efforts to address knowledge gaps: The initiatives and efforts undertaken to identify and address the identified knowledge gaps, including the acquisition of new scientific information and the development of research projects, will be described.
  • Proposals to improve XPN conservation: The proposals formulated by the Diputació de Barcelona (DIBA) to enhance the conservation capacity of the XPN, including possible management measures and specific actions, will be presented.

The final document will be prepared using language that is accessible to a wide range of population profiles, including park visitors, as well as individuals with and without specific interests in environmental issues. The aim is to provide clear and understandable information for those who need to make policy or management decisions that affect the conservation status of nature in the XPN.