National Projects
Project duration: 
Jan 2013 to Dec 2015

Drought-driven die-off and mortality are likely to induce deep impacts on the structure, functioning and services provided by forests since climatic scenarios project an increase of extreme episodes. 


The project addresses the potential of abrupt shifts, or alternatively of forest resilience, to these climatic anomalies, particularly drought, by analysying and modelling the balance between mortality and recruitment of the dominant species in forests and shrublands. Also, community assembly will be analyzed considering the distribution of species, as well as their functional attributes.
The tasks include:
  • Surveys of recruitment and regeneration in forests affected by drought-induced die-off in recent years.
  • Characterization of the habitat transformation due to tree mortality and defoliation.
  • And detailed analysis of regeneration patterns and processes.
  • Analysis of mortality and recruitment patterns of species in relation to their functional traits, abundance and distribution.
  • secasol